Managed mobility solutions from Firefly offer six key benefits to businesses looking to save time, effort, and money. Learn more in our blog.

6 Benefits of Managed Mobility Solutions for Business

With employees and customers spread out all over the globe, businesses must ensure their communication solutions are both simple to learn and robust enough to handle any necessary capacity as their organization grows.

However, setting up the right mobility system takes time and effort – not things most businesses can spare. Instead of struggling on your own, opt for a managed mobility solution that can get you what you need – without paying for hardware or services you’re not using. Here we examine six benefits you’ll receive when you work with the right mobility provider.

Simple Access to Business Data

Whether your employees are working remotely or are all back at the office full-time, your enterprise mobility solution needs to ensure they can access business data around the clock. If accessing this data is complex, you risk your employees using unsafe workarounds to get their jobs done.

Ease of Collaboration

In addition to accessing data easily, your mobility solution should always provide a channel for stress-free collaboration between employees. With data and line-of-business apps accessible from anywhere, it is much easier for teams to share documents and communicate and connect with colleagues regardless of where they’re working from any given day.

Enhanced Security

Businesses that use mobile devices are vulnerable to cyber attacks, with worldwide loss due to phishing topping $17,000 every single minute. The easiest way to ensure the security of your devices and data is to integrate security at every layer of your mobility solution.

Integrating a full-stack solution like Firefly Mobile Protect offers robust protection throughout your mobile environment and can help repel malicious attacks like phishing, malware, and more. It not only blocks access to cyber criminals – it can also support your security efforts through advanced detection and response capabilities.

Reduced Cost

Designing a custom managed mobility solution offers significant cost savings for businesses since they can pick and choose the features they need without paying for more.

Additionally, businesses that protect themselves with a secure mobility solution are much less vulnerable to both the reputational and financial repercussions of a security breach. This could save thousands or even millions of dollars long-term.  

Dedicated Support

Firefly is committed to supporting your mobility needs and is always available to help troubleshoot, plan, and strategize to ensure your solution fits your business priorities. From the setup of your new system to any necessary expansion, we’re by your side to make sure an investment in enterprise mobility supports the growth and success of your business.

Flexible, Customizable Solutions

You should never have to pay for services, hardware, or solutions that you aren’t using. By offering flexible, customizable managed mobility solutions, Firefly helps your business connect with customers, improve collaboration, and enhance productivity.  

Want to learn more about how your business can take advantage of Firefly’s custom managed mobility services? Reach out to us today to hear more about our secure approach to mobility.  

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