Get the military-grade cybersecurity you need with Firefly and Corvid.

Firefly and Corvid Work Together to Fight Cybersecurity Threats

With recent world events highlighting the fear of cyber attacks and the damage they can inflict, businesses need to be proactive to ensure their telecom assets are protected. At Firefly, our priority is to offer you solutions that bring peace of mind so you can get back to business.

Recently, we partnered with Corvid Technologies, a well-respected cyberdefense company offering military-grade cybersecurity as a service. This partnership is designed to offer Firefly customers a robust cybersecurity solution that integrates effortlessly into their existing technology stack. This solution is known as Haven and is now available to all Firefly customers.  

What Is Haven?

Haven is Corvid’s best-in-class cybersecurity solution that offers continuous monitoring and real-time threat detection and alerts – a critical service in the face of continually evolving threats. If one ransomware attack doesn’t penetrate your system, the attempts won’t simply stop – malicious actors will just send more, changing their approach until something gets through.

The Haven system is carefully integrated into every aspect of your technology stack, including the most vulnerable areas like your network perimeter and endpoints. Every part of the system is designed to overlap so that no areas are unprotected. Once installed, Haven is continuously updated and upgraded, so you’re always working with the most up-to-date security features.

How Does It Work?

Haven actively works to stop threats through a combination of leading-edge technology and human intervention.

As the system monitors your network and devices, a U.S.-based team of cybersecurity experts is continually on the lookout for alerts or other security concerns. Since they have a fully transparent view of your environment, they can spot attacks even before they happen and take action to repel them.

How Firefly Offers Improved Cybersecurity Through Our Partnership With Corvid

Managing your cybersecurity in house can be complex. Instead of struggling to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity solutions on your own, trust the partnership between Firefly and Corvid Technologies to keep your system free of threats.

Here’s how this new collaboration can help you improve cybersecurity without the stress of managing it on your own.  

  • If you have multiple vendors and an incident occurs, notifying all of them in time to isolate the threat is difficult. When one company manages your entire cybersecurity landscape, this unified approach offers a much quicker response to threats.
  • Firefly’s telecom expertise combined with Corvid’s military-grade technology allows for solutions that integrate effortlessly into your technology stack.  
  • Since there are always humans monitoring your system, you can reassure customers that their information is safe.
  • This combination of security tools and human monitoring also allows for adaptability, so you can make changes and scale your plan up or down without incident.

Firefly and Corvid are committed to working together to ensure your cybersecurity needs are met by providing the right set of solutions for every business. We’re always happy to work with customers to design and build a solution that meets their needs without exceeding their budget.

Want to learn more about how the Firefly and Corvid partnership could benefit your company? Learn more here.  

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