How to Sell Technology Solutions From Firefly

Remote and hybrid work environments have become the new normal – though they’re now more established than “new” as organizations settle into these arrangements long-term. Sixty-three percent of high-revenue growth companies have enabled “productivity anywhere” workforce models1 – and these companies will have an ongoing need for cloud technology and other tools to support workers, wherever they are. 

With Firefly, partners have the ability to leverage a variety of solutions to take a true cloud-first approach to business. In order to successfully sell our technology solutions, you need to understand your audience – and connect their requirements to the benefits of our solutions.

Know Your Customer

The first step to providing what your customer needs is to understand who they are – including their pain points. To provide the best fit solutions, you need to identify their key struggles. For today’s businesses, these problems often include:

  • Lacking cloud communications tools to support hybrid work
  • Needing reliable solutions that enhance remote security
  • Handling the complexity of network management for multi-location businesses

Once you’ve identified their specific challenges, you’ll be able to present them with exactly the right solutions. 

Whether it’s a small business with limited resources that needs to leverage cloud communications to keep their remote workers productive or a large enterprise looking to implement SD-WAN for simplified network management, Firefly lends a listening ear to ensure we help you accurately identify those pain points. We work with partners to ensure you can offer custom solutions tailored to your customers’ pain.

Focus on the Benefits

What sets one provider’s solution apart from another? Most feature sets are fairly comparable, so partners looking to sell technology solutions from Firefly need to take a different tack. Rather than talking about features, share the benefits your customers will receive from Firefly’s services. 

Our technology solutions are designed to support growth and help businesses accomplish their goals. For your customers in remote and hybrid work environments, here’s an example of the benefits you can highlight:

  • Cloud communications solutions that keep employees connected, collaborating, and productive from any location
  • Multi-layered security solutions that ensure data and networks are protected and risks are contained, no matter where workers are
  • Mobility solutions that enhance remote worker productivity – without creating vulnerabilities

Use Firefly as Your Technology Resource

Your customers’ technology needs are always evolving, most recently made clear by the transition from on-premise work to remote and hybrid models. Know your customers and their pain – but pay particular attention to how that pain shifts with a changing business landscape. 

With Firefly, you can approach your customers with confidence knowing we’re here as your dedicated technology resource. We maintain up-to-date technology so you can offer your customers reliable services with tangible benefits that help them face their business challenges. 

When partners take the right approach, selling technology solutions from Firefly is simple. Visit our partner page to find out how we help you scale your business while keeping your customers happy. 



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